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The Entrance

The Entrance

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Have you ever heard Doug Firebaugh teach on how to effectively communicate with your prospects? When you heard him in action did you think to yourself something along these lines, "If I could only talk to people like that, my business would blast off!"

Well now you literally have the opportunity to have Doug do the talking for you in his unique and powerful way! This compelling CD paints a powerful picture of the possibilities that you have to offer your prospect and promises to move people towards you and towards success!

For almost a decade, former financial planner and successful Network Marketer, Doug Firebaugh, has inspired millions worldwide to reach for and become more than they ever thought possible.

Passionate and dedicated, Doug currently devotes his time to distilling decades of wisdom into practical steps one can take to own and enjoy for themselves the benefits of financial freedom. In less than 8 minutes, your prospect will experience a gentle yet powerful impact of these efforts. It will open of their eyes, mind, and heart about the future and the possibilities available.

Through this potent message, Doug will walk your prospects away from the door of an "OPM or One Paycheck Mindset"(sm) and a "One Deposit Destiny"(sm) and guide them through THE ENTRANCE to a "Multiple Streams of Income Mentality," and a lifestyle of MONUMENTAL SUCCESS!

LISTEN UP, for The Entrance is closer than you might think!

This audio has been called "different, fresh, profound." There is simply nothing like this tool available in the industry!

Audio CD - 8 min

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