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Social Networking Online – Attract and Sponsor Using Web 2.0 – 2-CD audio program

Social Networking Online – Attract and Sponsor Using Web 2.0 – 2-CD audio program

$ 47.00 $ 67.00

By Jackie Ulmer


In this information packed CD-set and e-book, Jackie Ulmer shares the concepts, tools and strategies that she has used to find, attract and sponsor over 1200 people into her Networking Marketing program and build a multimillion dollar business, using the Internet and her telephone.

You’ll learn exactly what this type of online marketing is; how it works; how to set up a marketing system and 30 minute daily strategy in; avoiding overwhelm and the 10 Tips for Success and 10 Things to Avoid. You’ll also get a complete overview for setting up and effectively using one of the most popular Social Media sites – Facebook.

It’s no secret that Social Media Marketing, with tools such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, is exploding the businesses of many Network Marketing and Direct Sales Professionals. Top Leaders in the business, and maybe even your own upline and sponsor may already be using these tools. Shouldn’t you be using them, too?

Disc 1: Social Networking Online 

  • What is Social Media Marketing and Web 2.0 and How Does it Work
  • Handling Overwhelm
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Most Direct Sellers and Networkers Make
  • Setting Goals and Creating a Daily Marketing Strategy in 30 Minutes to an Hour
  • Setting Up Your Marketing Funnels
  • 10 Tips for Success
  • 10 Things to Avoid at ALL Costs
  • And much more …

Disc 2: All About Facebook

  • Facebook 101
  • Your Power Profile: Make it WORK for You
  • Pictures Paint a Thousand Words
  • Finding Friends; Making New Friends and Relationships (That Lead to Business!)
  • Status Updates
  • Groups, Pages, Notes and Videos
  • Let’s Play Tag – Using This Feature Responsibly and to its Advantage
  • Design Your Daily Strategy
  • And much more…

Bonus Material

  • Twitter Basics - MP3 Download Bonus - has taken Social Media by Storm! Learn the Basics for getting set up and using this tool effectively. Value – $29.95
  • Developing Your Online Marketing System – Download Bonus - Learn the components you will want to have in place to create an entire online marketing system that gets you and your business in front of hundreds and even thousands of people daily. It works, I’ve sponsored more than 1,200 people using the tools of the Internet. Value – $47 
  • Creating Content – MP3 Download Bonus - Have you ever wondered how to create articles, blog posts, videos and all of the things that make up Social Media Marketing? Relax, I’m going to detail how to easily make a few concepts and hours a month create content that works for you 24/7. Value -  $47.00
  • Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day – DownloadSimple checklist and ideas for how to set your goals and develop a Social Media Action plan; learn the most important things you must be doing to be successful. Value – $47.00

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