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Revolutionary Agreements: 2 x 1 Special

Revolutionary Agreements: 2 x 1 Special

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Would you like to reduce unnecessary drama in your life? Transform stressful relationships into joyful ones? Feel emotionally free of others' expectations? Sharing real-life stories from work and home, author and network marketing leader Marian Head reveals principles tens of thousands have used for decades to create greater inner peace and fulfillment.

"What's so 'revolutionary' about Revolutionary Agreements is its head-heart connection. It is a profoundly practical collection of things to do--of who and how to be--to be all we desire, dream and deserve."

~ John Milton Fogg, author, The Greatest Networker in the World


"Revolutionary Agreements line up like a stairway to a better life . . . each step will raise your level of awareness, enabling you to see the greatness that has been placed in your marvelous mind. Read it, then internalize it . . . your reward will be well worth the time and effort invested."

~ Bob Proctor, author, You Were Born Rich


"A great book! Revolutionary Agreements is a series of powerful and profound life messages that can open up a world of possibilities for you."

~ Brian Tracy, author, Million Dollar Habits


"This book is a true work of beauty in its simplicity and authenticity; it is a manifesto of hope for transforming our daily lives-and our global future." (click here for complete review)

~ Josephine Gross, PhD


Hardcover, 184 pages

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