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Organization for Home-Based Business Professionals: Got Chaos? Create Order

Organization for Home-Based Business Professionals: Got Chaos? Create Order

$ 14.97

by Laura Aridgides, Ph.D.

Maximize productivity in your home-based business by using simple organization systems that work!  Being organized and efficient literally saves you hundreds of hours makeing you more productive in your home-based business.  A more productive person will earn more money, realize more dreams, and make a lasting impact not only on their families, but also on their communities.  This book will transform any home-based business by inspiring you to take control of the chaos with simple effective organization systems!

Chapters include:

  • Your Office Space
  • The File Cabinet
  • The Binder System
  • The Tickler File
  • The To-Do List
  • Your Schedule
  • Tracking Customers
  • New Team Member Check List

  • Dr. Laura Aridgides started her career as a home-based business entrepreneur in 1999, while working full-time and also a full-time graduate student. Laura earned her Ph.D. in 2001 in Biomedical Science and went on to do post-doctoral research, becoming a published author in peer-reviewed scientific journals. During that time, Laura rose to the ranks of leadership in her home-based business. After her first son was born in 2003, Laura retired from laboratory work to work full-time in her home-based business while being a stay at home mom.  In 2005, as she welcomed her second son, Laura began to see the fruit of her exceptional organization and time management skills, as they became a necessity to ensure that her business continued to run smoothly, as well as her family. In 2009, after more than 10 years in the home-based business field, Laura started OrganizeNOW, LLC, an organization and time management company specializing in coaching and training home-based business professionals to ensure maximum productivity. Laura is a top speaker and trainer, having spoken at more than 10 direct sales company conventions.

    “I love your book and how you break it down into easier steps. I can really visualize how my office should be!”
    - E. Moore

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