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Networking Times - Sep/Oct 2015

Networking Times - Sep/Oct 2015

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Theme: The Power of Mentorship

Our lead interview is with Jimmy Smith. At age 87, Jimmy has mentored thousands of network marketing professionals on their journey to the top. We interviewed Jimmy in 2005 when he was already a million-dollar earner in his company. Ten years later, he is looking forward to teaching his great-grandchildren how to succeed in what he believes is the finest form of democracy and the world’s best opportunity to become wealthy and free.

Master Networkers:
- Mike Sims: Born to Inspire
- Lisa DeMayo: The Universe Always Provides

Rising Stars:
- Alina & Rob Rinato: Sowing Seeds of Freedom
- Joseph McDermott & Amani Zein: It's Not How Much You Make

Other contributors: Valerie Bates, Meredith Berkich, Joseph Bismark, BK Boreyko, Kimmy & Richard Brooke, Simon Chan, Shauna Ekstrom, Tony & Randi Escobar, Vijay Eswaran, Fatemi Ghani, Jeff Olson, Dr. Adam Sheck, Susan Sly, Ferdinand Tolentino, Lisa Wilber

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