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Networking Times - Sep/Oct 2014

Networking Times - Sep/Oct 2014

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Theme: The Sharing Economy

This issue on sharing and collaboration in business asks the question, How does network marketing fit into the Sharing Economy?

Our lead interview is with Paul Zane Pilzer, bestselling author, trendwatcher, and huge proponent of the network marketing and direct selling business model.

Networking Times interviewed Paul about his book God Wants You to Be Rich in the summer of 2003 for an issue on Spiritual Marketing. When we found out he was writing a book on the sharing economy and researching its implications for network marketing, we thought it was time to visit him again.

“In many ways, network marketing invented the sharing economy,” Paul says. “This new business phenomenon applies the rules of network marketing to more traditional areas like hotel rooms and travel, creating enormous wealth in the process, because sharing saves resources and adds value for everyone involved.”

Just like network marketing, the sharing economy is about people serving people. Taking excellent care of customers comes first and gets rewarded, because they go online and tell everyone about it. These are foundational principles for network marketing, and the technology of the sharing revolution lets everyone actualize and multiply them.

Master Networkers:
- Shauna Ekstrom and Dr. Scott Peterson: A Ph.D. in Life
- Amber Voight: The MLM Queen of Facebook

Rising Stars:
- Sara Marble: Learn to Dream Big
- Amber and Steve Saunders: Applying the Slight Edge

Our Times contributors: Dana Collins, Tom Justin, Mark Herdering, Jay and Cindy Jenkins, Graham Parks, Loren Robin, Evan Klassen, Jezie Nzomiwu, Doug Firebaugh, Teri Werner.

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