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Networking Times - Jul/Aug 2016

Networking Times - Jul/Aug 2016

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Theme: People and Technology

Our lead interview is with Fabio Galdi, a network marketing company owner and technology innovator. Fabio explains why a high-tech telecommunication company based in Miami, Florida chose network marketing to sell its cutting-edge information products; why it is rewarding people for doing word-of-mouth marketing and building relationships, instead of using old advertising models and distribution systems.

Master Networkers:
- The RAZON Family: Lead with Your Heart
- Chanida Puranaputra: Tigers in the Pacific Rim
- Lamia Bettaieb: Achieve and Believe

Heart of Business:
- Gary & Leesa Price: Liberty's Calling

Rising Star:
- Tanya O'Matta: Learn as You Go

Other contributors: Joseph Bismark, Natida & Chad Chong, Cindra Caverley, Kathleen Deggelman, Carrie Dickie, Debi Granite, Alex Morton, Tom Schreiter, Jackie Ulmer

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