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Networking Times - Jul/Aug 2014

Networking Times - Jul/Aug 2014

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Theme: The Power of Partnerships

In this summer issue we ask the question, What are the biggest caveats and benefits of partnerships in business (couples, two partners in one distributorship, accountability partners, team partners ...?

Our lead interview is with Rich DeVos, founder of the biggest direct sales company in history and bestselling author of Simply Rich.

Master Networkers:
- Travis & Summer Flaherty: Team Work Makes the Dream Work
- Jay Coburn: Freedom of Choice
- Kevin Marino & Bob Doran: Partnering for Success

Our Times contributors: Donna Johnson, Marian Head, Kevin Barnum, Steven Burgess, Judy O'Higgins, Tommy Wyatt, Cathy Dohmann, Paula Foeller, Andrew Warburton, Nattida Chong.

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