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Get Organized Combo - Audio Program (MP3) + Paperback

Get Organized Combo - Audio Program (MP3) + Paperback

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by Laura Aridgides, Ph.D.

1. Get Your Office in Order! Audio Program delivered in MP3 Format

What you will learn with this series is easily worth thousands in increased productivity and profit for your business, and we will teach you easy systems that will keep you organized, period. Simplify, de-clutter, and learn proven strategies to help dominate your business marketplace through the power of organization and time management. Topics include:

  • harnessing the power of organization in your business,
  • setting up your office space for maximum productivity,
  • the correct way to set up your filing system (electronic and paper),
  • setting up a binder system for your business, the tickler file,
  • the right and wrong way to set up your "to do" list,
  • getting the most from your schedule and time!

2. Got Chaos? Organization for Home-Based Business Professionals (paperback)

Maximize productivity in your home-based business by using simple organization systems that work! Being organized and efficient literally saves you hundreds of hours makeing you more productive in your home-based business. A more productive person will earn more money, realize more dreams, and make a lasting impact not only on their families, but also on their communities. This book will transform any home-based business by inspiring you to take control of the chaos with simple effective organization systems!

Chapters include:

  • Your Office Space
  • The File Cabinet
  • The Binder System
  • The Tickler File
  • The To-Do List
  • Your Schedule
  • Tracking Customers
  • New Team Member Check List
Dr. Laura Aridgides started her career as a home-based business entrepreneur in 1999, while working full-time and also a full-time graduate student. Laura earned her Ph.D. in 2001 in Biomedical Science and went on to do post-doctoral research, becoming a published author in peer-reviewed scientific journals. During that time, Laura rose to the ranks of leadership in her home-based business. After her first son was born in 2003, Laura retired from laboratory work to work full-time in her home-based business while being a stay at home mom. In 2005, as she welcomed her second son, Laura began to see the fruit of her exceptional organization and time management skills, as they became a necessity to ensure that her business continued to run smoothly, as well as her family. In 2009, after more than 10 years in the home-based business field, Laura started OrganizeNOW, LLC, an organization and time management company specializing in coaching and training home-based business professionals to ensure maximum productivity. Laura is a top speaker and trainer, having spoken at more than 10 direct sales company conventions.

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