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The 7-Cent Decision (10-Pack)

The 7-Cent Decision (10-Pack)

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By Amber Voight, with David Voight

Have you ever wondered "How women do it?"—raising young children, homeschooling, building friendships around the world, and creating a hugely successful network marketing business? In this easy-to-read professional guidebook, Amber lays out her ongoing journey to success—how she started, what she learned, what works and what doesn’t, and how she teaches her team to do what she does.

The 7-Cent Decision* shows you how to:
- Adopt the Right Mindset and Attitude for Success
- Balance Family and Business and Get Clear on Your Why
- Use Self-Talk to Support Yourself and Apply the Law of Association
- Create Results through the Art of Non-Selling and Non-Recruiting
- Start Your New Distributor Off Right and Develop Leadership
- Foster Team Motivation and Create Duplication
- Have Rock Solid Belief, Gratitude, and Faith

Paperback, 158 pages

*If you wonder why it's called "The 7-Cent Decision," read the Preface here to find out. We promise, you'll relate!

“Amber has been a student of our profession since the day I met her. I am so proud of everything she has accomplished. I believe this book will help you break through your own excuses and find the right mindset to become a Network Marketing Professional.”
Eric Worre, founder of NetworkMarketingPro

“Amber radiates fun and confidence, and people are immediately drawn to her. She lays it all out in this book. I love her story and her philosophy for attracting people versus chasing them. Each page draws you in with specific bullet points for building a strong and successful business. Amber is the real deal.”
Jordan Adler, network marketing millionaire, author of Beach Money

“Amber’s story will inspire you and her teachings will transform you. The way she breaks down the skills and articulates the mechanics of network marketing will enlighten you and help you move forward on your journey to success. Most importantly, in the end you will know that you have a mentor out there who truly cares about you, believes in you, and is cheering you on!”
Lisa Grossmann

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