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Client-Conscious Prospecting 4-CD Set

Client-Conscious Prospecting 4-CD Set

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Overcome Call Reluctance and Connect from your Most Confident Self!

Everyone knows the key to making a connection is to focus on the person in front of you instead of on your own needs (fears, insecurities, self-consciousness ...)

But how do you make this shift again and again, or once and for all?

This program will help you cultivate the skill to prospect anyone, anywhere, anytime in any market segment!

For networkers, salespeople, and contact dependent professionals who want to develop the same mental approach to prospecting practiced by six and seven figure salespeople worldwide. This modern-day classic reveals the timeless principles that will guide you into working from your most confident self.

You will discover how to:
  • Overcome sales call reluctance once and for all
  • Confidently prospect ‘high end’ clients
  • Make more sales in less time
  • Simplify activity to stimulate production
  • Move beyond your comfort zone
  • and much more

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