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Big Al's Secret Language - The Personality Colors 2 CD Set

Big Al's Secret Language - The Personality Colors 2 CD Set

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by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

How to Speak The Secret Language of Your Prospects

Learn the secret language of prospects, that INSTANTLY goes to their minds and to their hearts . . . so that you can say just a few sentences and your prospects will want to join . . . before they even hear the name of your company.

Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it?

But consider this, by just changing a few words, a few sentences into the secret language that your prospects understand -- everything will change in your business. And the change will be spectacular. It's like wearing 3-D glasses while everyone else is seeing the world in black and white.

Have you ever talked to a prospect and the prospect just didn't "get it?"

Do prospects feel skeptical and think you are talking a different language?

What if you could talk directly to the prospect with the right words . . . so the prospect instantly understands the benefits of network marketing?

  • Learn exactly what to say to invite prospects to meetings -- in their secret language. And you will only need a few sentences.
  • Learn exactly how to identify what prospects want to hear -- in their secret language.
  • Learn to talk in a way to make prospects feel connected and understood -- in their secret language.
  • And learn to become a successful prospector with these brand-new super skills.

Here is your chance to listen in on a "live" Big Al training workshop where he explains exactly what to say, and exactly how to speak to prospects in their own secret language.

Once you learn these skills you'll feel sorry for those struggling distributors who don't know why they are turning prospects off. You will never, ever look at a prospect the same way again.


Because you will understand exactly how and why your prospect will join.

Approx Runtime-115 min
2 CD Set

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