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The Lotus Code with Your Best Year paperback FREE...

The Lotus Code with Your Best Year paperback FREE...

$ 29.97 $ 47.00

Order The Lotus Code today and get Mark’s bestselling book Your Best Year in Network Marketing FREE (book sells for $15.97)

"Considered the Bible of Network Marketing, this book sold millions of copies, was translated in 56 languages, and has helped hundreds of thousands of network marketers around the world launch their businesses."

The Lotus Code includes 2 CD's and a 84-page book to help you accelerate your success. It provides a proven six-step system based on ancient wisdom translated into today's reality by two highly successful business leaders. 

With The Lotus Code, you can begin to think expansively about a life of freedom, fulfillment and prosperity right where you are today using ancient wisdom as your foundation. 

The Lotus Code was developed so that you might progress faster and with greater ease by operating from a place of knowledge and awareness, rather than merely experimentation. 

You'll learn: 

  • How to take charge of your life and live intentionally
  • How to cultivate the thoughts of a successful person
  • How to use more powerful words to propel you forward
  • How to develop an effective action plan :
  • How to attract empowering people and protect yourself against negative people
  • How to program your mind to filter out distractions and recognize opportunities
  • How to stay the course and enjoy the adventure.

Join us in The Lotus Code and take your business - and your life - to the next level, today!

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