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The Greatest Networker in the World [2 Free Books!]

The Greatest Networker in the World [2 Free Books!]

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By John Milton Fogg

Everyone knows... facts tell and stories sell—and prospecting PAYS!

Would it be okay if we offered you some FREE stories to prospect with?

Our gift to help you build your business with stories is 2 copies of John Milton Fogg’s The Greatest Networkers in the World book (+ shipping/handling).  Even if you already own a copy, this is one powerful prospecting tool and credibility builder—and you can’t beat the price!

In this book 21 ordinary people who’ve become millionaires through network marketing tell the true story of how they did it. Of diverse backgrounds, education, and experience… they include a high school drop-out, a Harvard MBA, a newly-divorced single mom, an airline customer service rep, a police detective, an attorney, and a factory maintenance man.

Many had reservations about network marketing and were initially unsuccessful. In considering their tales and the things they did to succeed, the clear message is:

“If we can do it, so can you.”

The Greatest Networkers include Jordan ADLER, Margie ALIPRANDI, Lynn ALLEN-JOHNSON, Richard BROOKE, Art BURLEIGH, Eddy CHAI, Ken DUNN, Sandy ELSBERG, Randy GAGE, Sven GOEBEL, John HAREMZA, Donna IMSON, Beth JACOBS, Donna JOHNSON, Frank KEEFER, Bob MIDDLETON, Warren NELSON, Linda PROCTOR, Sarah ROBBINS, Orjan SAELE and Carolyn WIGHTMAN.

Here are some words from the author John Fogg:

This book is the best way I know to help people understand the extraordinary potential of network marketing, and how and why it could work for you. The insights and advice in it will encourage and help current and not-yet network marketers to aim higher, do better, and achieve more.

2 Paperbacks of 185 pages.

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