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MLM the Game (2 for 1)

MLM the Game (2 for 1)

$ 35.00 $ 59.95

Yes, you read that right: for $35 we'll send you 2 games!

MLM The Game gives you the benefits to learn the realities of building a network marketing business, the keys to network marketing success, countless teachings from the best network marketing books, and you will do all this while growing yourself in a low pressure, friendly and FUN environment. During the game you will build a virtual business from beginning to end, going through all the up’s and down’s that happen in a real business.

When you are entertained and engaged in a training experience rather than just told what to do, you will absorb the lessons much quicker, and you will remember more.

There are 3 key reasons why MLM The Game is a powerful training tool.

#1 - Accelerated Learning Technology that offers high memory retention
#2 - Opportunity to Building Relationships: The X Factor of Success
#3 - Learn from the 5 Core Fundamentals of Network Marketing

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Additional Benefits of MLM The Game:

  • You will discover the “Why's” of your team, reinforcing their commitment to the business
  • You will teach and learn about the industry, boosting confidence levels
  • You will be challenged in a fun, supportive, non-threatening environment
  • You will create memories together, which adds to accelerated learning and team building
  • You learn more about each other's values, building more trusting relationships
  • Most importantly you will have fun and grow together

How does MLM The Game work?
Imagine it was your first day in your new network marketing business. This is how you exactly how you start playing MLM The Game.

First, you create and share with the group your why, then you communicate your short and long term goals and how you will reward yourself along the way to success. All of this is done on your score card.

Then everyone starts building their virtual network marketing business from scratch. Questions are drawn based the position of each spinner. There are 5 positions in the game: Qualify, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Questions are from the 5 fundamental categories of network marketing. Through answering correctly you will acquire customers, business partners, or personal growth points. You may also land on the famous emotional roller coaster: the results can be REALLY good, or REALLY bad! At the Qualify position you focus on Customer Acquisition and personal growth. Then, as you progress into Bronze, questions get harder and new categories arrive. By the time you reach Silver and Gold, you are a master networker, as your downline and customer base has grown quite large. Here you focus on Leadership and Team Building. After Gold comes Platinum and the first player to reach the Platinum position wins the game!

How many players?
The preferred number of players is 2-4, ideal number being 3. This allows the game to be played quickly while still offering time for conversation. In this scenario playing time is usually between 60 - 90 minutes. MLM The Game can be played with as many as 5 players, however it extends playing time to about 2 hours or even more if players decide to get into the true depth that some game cards offer.

How long does it take to play?
As with any board game, the first time is always a learning experience, and the learning curve will delay playing time. Once learned, if the game is played “warrior” style it can go by really quick and you can have a winner in about an hour. However, finishing the game is not always the goal. Remember, the key behind MLM The Game is the fun and interactive relationship building atmosphere it creates. It has a lot of teachings, and also opens doors for the upline leaders to teach what they know, and to teach from their experience. There is no need to “finish” the game to have results. You can keep the score cards and finish it next time. After each game play, decompress, talk about the experience before leaving each other and talk about what happened: did something make you happy? did something make you mad? Whatever it is, it’s all good, how you experience and deal with MLM The Game will often be how you experience real life.

*BONUS IDEA – Want some real life results from the game quickly? Set your clock to only play for 45 minutes with a group, then stop all game playing at the 45 minute mark. Then tell the players that during the next week before the next game night, they will have the opportunity to gain game points by getting true REAL LIFE results. In example, during the next week, if a player gets one new real customer then for next week’s game night he/she gets to add 3 customer points on their game card, if a player gets one new recruit he/she gets to add 5 more business partners on their game score card, or if a player reads a business book of some type he/she gets to add 3 personal growth points. This is fun, and creates BUZZ for the game. In addition, some leaders also create an incentive for the winner of the game, maybe a small gift certificate?

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