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Networking Times - Sep/Oct 2016: LIMITED EDITION - Voight

Networking Times - Sep/Oct 2016: LIMITED EDITION - Voight

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Amber Voight is a Millennial mom of three young boys who leads a global team of over 105,000 entrepreneurs. An 8th grade dropout, Amber has become one of the most powerful international influencers in the network marketing space. Get your copy today!

  • Learn how you can easily connect with people on Facebook in a way that doesn’t feel sales-y
  • Find out how at any age you can master the new skills and tools required to succeed in today's sharing economy!

Bonus: Amber’s Top 15 leaders share their #1 social selling secret

Theme: Reinventing Networking Marketing for the Next Generation

NT Interview:
- David Anderson & Mark Nathan: Leading the Next Generation: Conversation with the coauthors of The Delusion of Passion: Why Millennials Struggle to Find Success

Leadership Recognition
- Amber Voight : Be a Friend
+ 15 Top Leaders' #1 Success Tips

CEO Corner:
- Michele Gay & Madison Mallardi: The Beauty of Social Selling

Heart of Business:
- Falling in Love with Iran: Story of Payam Moghim & Travel Report by Margie Aliprandi

Rising Star:
- Heather Baker: Thoughts Become Things
- Ricardo Jimenez: Grow Your Mind
- Kemisola Ajetunmobi: 1,000 Mommy Millionaires
- Ellen Marrs: Faith Trumps Fear
- Melissa Barlock: Offer a Solution
- Leisa Cutler: Finding Freedom
- Ana Cantera:  A Life-Changing Opportunity

Other contributors: Ashley Aliprandi, Maria Ghaderi, Zachary GaffordLisa Faeder GrossmannWes LindenAli Mehdaoui, Joshua Peart, Michelle Van Etten

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