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Networking Times - Sep/Oct 2016: LIMITED EDITION - Cutler

Networking Times - Sep/Oct 2016: LIMITED EDITION - Cutler

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Originally from Canada, Leisa Cutler moved to Texas to follow her husband and start a family. She joined a skincare company in 2013 while being a full-time nurse. 

Within six months she built an income that gave her the freedom to quit her job and stay home with her four children. Her passion today is helping other women create that freedom.

Here are some success secrets Leisa shares:

  • When prospecting, I’m like an investigator, intent on learning everything about the person.
  • To create duplication, people need to see that making money isn’t hard, and that they can do it.
  • In this business, you want to develop a lot of independent leaders who don’t need you.

Theme: Reinventing Networking Marketing for the Next Generation

NT Interview:
- David Anderson & Mark Nathan: Leading the Next Generation: Conversation with the coauthors of The Delusion of Passion: Why Millennials Struggle to Find Success

Leadership Recognition
- Amber Voight : Be a Friend
+ 15 Top Leaders' #1 Success Tips

CEO Corner:
- Michele Gay & Madison Mallardi: The Beauty of Social Selling

Heart of Business:
- Falling in Love with Iran: Story of Payam Moghim & Travel Report by Margie Aliprandi

Rising Star:
- Heather Baker: Thoughts Become Things
- Ricardo Jimenez: Grow Your Mind
- Kemisola Ajetunmobi: 1,000 Mommy Millionaires
- Ellen Marrs: Faith Trumps Fear
- Melissa Barlock: Offer a Solution
- Leisa Cutler: Finding Freedom
- Ana Cantera:  A Life-Changing Opportunity

Other contributors: Ashley Aliprandi, Maria Ghaderi, Zachary GaffordLisa Faeder GrossmannWes LindenAli Mehdaoui, Joshua Peart, Michelle Van Etten

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