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SOLD OUT! Networking Times - Nov/Dec 2016: LIMITED EDITION - Kinney

SOLD OUT! Networking Times - Nov/Dec 2016: LIMITED EDITION - Kinney

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Based in New York state and Western Colorado, Chris Kinney is a young Baby Boomer and home-based entrepreneur who recently relaunched his network marketing business after taking a break for several years. Unfamiliar with using social media as a business-building strategy, he quickly learned the ropes
through “reverse mentoring” with his Millennial upline leaders and made Diamond faster than he ever imagined was possible.

* Shipping the last week of October.

Theme: Purpose-Driven Business

NT Interview:
- Onggy Hianata: Touching Hearts, Changing Lives
Based in Indonesia, Onggy Hianata is an international network marketing leader whose organization spans five continents. Having grown up in dire poverty, Onggy started his network marketing business from scratch in 1992. After many ups and downs, he finally created a successful “support system” for his team called Freedom Faithnet Global (FFG). Onggy and his leaders are famous for organizing transformational boot camps that help participants improve in all aspects of their lives. Onggy’s dream is to leave a global legacy of human development and trans-generational wealth.  

Heart of Business:
- Are You an EntrePrincess?  Elena Herdieckerhoff “Make your Sensitivity your Best Business Asset!”

Master Networkers
- Sue BrenchleyBelieve, Belong, Become - includes update on the Responsiblity Foundation
- Romi Neustadt: Get Over Yourself! A No-BS Approach to Success


Rising Star:
- Chris Kinney: Dreams Are Within Reach

Other contributors:
Alexis Romano, Gene Adigu Maxon, Bridget Cavanaugh, Judy O'Higgins, Janine Finney, Vijay Eswaran, Greg Greenough, Rachiele David, Swarna Mwnaidi Krishnan, Doug Firebaugh, Garrett & Sylvia McGrath

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