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Networking Times - Nov/Dec 2014

Networking Times - Nov/Dec 2014

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Theme: Teaching

This issue on the importance of teaching in network marketing asks the question, How did you become an effective teacher?

Our lead interview is with Eric Worre, bestselling author of the GoPro book, creator of and organizer of the Recruitng Mastery event series.

Master Networkers:
- Shawn & Carmen Gray: The Power of One Conversation
- Dennis & Patty Nun: Best Way to Raise a Family!
- Steve & Gina Merritt: A Winning System

- John C. Maxwell: How High Will You Fly? 4 Things that Keep You from Reaching Your Potential
- John Mason: Happy Thanksgiving! The Most Rewarding Behavior for a Productive Life
- Country Overview: China: Mainland and Overseas

Our Times contributors: Ryan Chamberlin, Nikita Sirohi, Chris Widener, Hilde and Orjan Saele , Don Karn, Brian Carruthers, Mark Fournier, Alexis Romano, Mikko Jarrah, Marie Benoit, Sarah Robbins, and Travis Flaherty

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