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Networking Times - May/Jun 2016

Networking Times - May/Jun 2016

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Theme: The Power of Emotion

Our lead interview is with Armand Puyolt, a legendary network marketing leader, expert, and consultant. Having experienced severe lack in his early childhood, Armand committed himself from an early age to building up his outer resources and inner resourcefulness as an entrepreneur.

Thanks to the vehicle of network marketing, Armand was able to buy his first home at age 18, became a million-dollar earner at age 20, and a 5-million-dollar earner at age 25. He has made it to the top of a dozen companies. At age 40, he earned an 8-figure income in 2015 and today he is the top income earner in his company.

Over the years Armand overcame many obstacles, including two serious car accidents, two major health crises, and even terminal disease. His tireless dedication to his family and his team helped him beat the odds and fueled his passion to contribute to those in need.

Armand and his wife Esther live in Southern California with their six children between the ages of 12 and 24. Their business and family motto is to #leadwithlove.

Master Networkers:
- Tom & Denice Chenault: Fueled by Com-Passion
- Carrie Dickie: The View from Venus

Heart of Business:
- Woody Woodward: Raise Your Emotional Currency

Rising Star:
- Angela Maresca: Be True to Yourself
- Adrianna Markowitz & Jennipher Hagenmayer: Sister Power

Other contributors: Pamela Barnum, Joseph Bismark, Doug Firebaugh, John Milton Fogg, Julie Miller-Hansberry, Walter Nusbaum, Ferdinand Tolentino

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