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Networking Times - Mar/Apr 2015

Networking Times - Mar/Apr 2015

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Theme: A Better You

One of the greatest benefits of building a network marketing business is the person you become. In this issue we ask leaders, How did the business make you a better spouse, parent, neighbor, teacher--a better human all around?

Our lead interview is with Richard and Kimmy Brooke, respectively founder and president of, a coaching, seminar, tools, and training business for network marketers worldwide.

Master Networkers:
- Angel Fletcher: Fishing for Friendships
- Sam & Kim Bean: Yoked in Partnership
- Adam Green: Stay Humble and Hungry

Our Times contributors: Gene Adigu, Doug Firebaugh, Robin Mascari, Kimber King, Mark Ferreira, Dee Hutchins, Ray Higdon, Tara Cooper, Jeff Combs, Romi & John Neustadt, Roanne Bacchus, Sean Escobar, Keith Halls, and Janine Finney.

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