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Your Best Year in Network Marketing

Your Best Year in Network Marketing

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Mark Yarnell, international bestselling author of Your First Year in Network Marketing (translated in 13 languages), highlights both the specifics of how to build a networking business and introduces brain-altering concepts to help you succeed.

Whether you're just beginning to build your business or you're an experienced networker, you'll enjoy and benefit from this thought provoking "how to" book, often referred to as the BIBLE of Network Marketing.

Learn about the importance of:
- innovation,
- using the right tools,
- the correct prospecting approach,
- a 6-step recruiting process,
- how to partner effectively,
- how to stay positive,
- how to deal with unsupportive people,
- and how to change your mindset in order to succeed in network marketing.

You'll learn about The Warrior's Creed which has served many over the years, both inside and outside of the network marketing profession.

Paperback, 194 Pages

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