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Resolved Primer: A Look Into the 13 Resolutions

Resolved Primer: A Look Into the 13 Resolutions

$ 14.97

Paperback by Orrin Woodward with John David Mann.

Orrin Woodward’s Resolved Primer is a compact, highly accessible companion volume to RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE designed by New York Times bestselling author (and Networking Times senior editor) John David Mann to be a quick, easy, and powerful read.

It’s like having one of the most influential leaders in all of network marketing right in your home, teaching you how to live your most successful and fulfilling life.

If you want richer relationships, more personal satisfaction, a compelling sense of purpose, and mastery of your finances and business, the Resolved Primer is for you! 

Orrin Woodward is one the networking world’s top earners and genuine legends and the recipient of the IAB’s 2011 Leadership Award, along with various other prestigious awards.

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